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45 years, and what has changed? Statistically, almost nothing. The United States is split 50/50 when it come to the topic of abortion. The population majority “what we call the middle” do not think it is their problem and do not want to be directly involved in "the life choice".  They look awkwardly aside while allowing their disinterested view to be swayed by the loud public opinion of the minority radical Pro-choice movement. The goal of WeTeachThink is to help “the middle” to see that this issue is their problem and that they need to take action today. 

Now... when they do look, what do we want them to see?​

Human from day one. We want them to see truth, to reason with logic, to explore science and to contemplate meaning. We want them to Think. What creates a thriving human race, flourishing communities, happiness and depth? What destroys it? What is good? What is absolute and what is relative? Why does it matter? When did we stop asking these questions?  We want them to reason themselves into the logical understanding that we are Human from Day 1.

Without proposing answers, WeTeachThink offers questions and provoking imagery to induce thinking and create an internal dialog... step by step into reason.

Our Mission

Information to Awareness > Awareness to Action

The mission of WeTeachThink is to encourage factual sharing of information to positively impact public perception of what it means to be Human and to instill a desire of the general public to protect Human life.


We are a marketing  organization designing  multimedia campaigns to directly influence public education, awareness, and perception of Human dignity and rights.

If Roe vs. Wade is overturned, public opinion will decide our future. 

We need your help. 

One of the best ways to help is to:

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If you wish to help our mission in another way, please contact Angela. WeTeachThink was launched in November 2018 and has  501 (c) 3 status. 


Angela Copenhaver

Executive Director

700 R Street P.O. Box 80215

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Fight Marketing with Marketing

Design multifaceted marketing approach to each generational segmentation through use of commercials, social media, billboards and educational tools

& Launch Across All Generations

Provide, train and launch individual community multi-generational media campaign

Break into the lives of the disinterested and avoidant

The future is fast approaching and technology is advancing exponentially while the value of Human life is more and more defined by "usefulness." If we do not define and assign value to Human Life - we all may lose to efficiency and power.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

We did not get to this place of confusion overnight, nor will we return to reason so fast. It takes small steps to train the mind to think through fundamental basic truths about Human Life to finally  reach a place of intuitive understandings we once took for granted.

Interrupt thinking and cause internal self-talk

Series of marketing medias that introduce questions: Can I? Did you know? Here we will reteach the mind to reason, step by step.

A New Normal

Change the hearts and mind of individuals so the individuals change social acceptance. They will see Granny is the same human at day 31,000 as she was at day 1. Then we will create a new "normalcy" with forgotten confusion of the past.​

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